Music theory for everyone

Note Reading will teach you the basics of reading notes, which you can apply directly. You will be guided through Reading Music step by step, with the help of text, illustrations, video and sound. Learn to read music quickly and flawlessly with my many helpful and practical exercises.

Discover the ‘grammar’ of music in Harmony with my easy to follow explanation of intervals, scales and chords. Improve your musical skills in Ear Training by following the guided tour to understanding what it is that you actually hear in music. But that’s not all: in Elementary Music Theory, you’ll learn all of the words and symbols that you come across in music notation. The many excellent exercises will help you to put this new knowledge into practice. MusicTheory.Education helps you to enrich your understanding of music.

Learn to read music quickly and flawlessly.

Note Reading

Eenrich your understanding of music.

Music Theory

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