Music theory for everyone

Become a better musician with a Music Theory subscription! This subscription gives you access to Reading Music, Elementary Music Theory, Harmony and Ear training.

Reading Music will teach you the basics of reading notes, which you can apply directly. You will be guided through Reading Music step by step, with the help of text, illustrations, video and sound. Learn to read music quickly and flawlessly with my many helpful and practical exercises.

Discover the ‘grammar’ of music in Harmony with my easy to follow explanation of intervals, scales and chords. Improve your musical skills in Ear Training by following the guided tour to understanding what it is that you actually hear in music. But that’s not all: in Elementary Music Theory, you’ll learn all of the words and symbols that you come across in music notation. The many excellent exercises will help you to put this new knowledge into practice. MusicTheory.Education helps you to enrich your understanding of music.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, young or old: Music theory for everyone.

  • For all instruments;
  • Explanation with video, text, image and sound;
  • Access to forum;
  • Intervals and chords;
  • Scales and Circle of fifths;
  • Inversions of triads and seventh chords;
  • Melodic and rhythmic exercises;
  • Melodic and rhythmic dictations;
  • Table of Contents Music Theory;

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Get Music Theory 1 year

When I decided to audition for music college, I had to work hard on learning music theory. It wasn’t my strongest point, and I needed something suitable to help me. After a long search, I found the solution:!

You can practise harmony perfectly with learn about intervals, scales, chords, for example. And the handiest thing is that you can practise harmony at an appropriate level, alongside ear training – an interval, chord, scale or melody is played and you have to identify it. I profited so much from this method of ear training and harmony that I advanced by leaps and bounds, with the result: accepted at music college!

For anyone who is looking for a way to improve their music theory skills is perfect!

stijn Music Theory and Note Reading -
Stijn van den Berg

I regularly practise the ear training exercises on, as an extra enhancement for my piano lessons. Educational and fun!
The exercises are short and plentiful, and clearly arranged according to level and component. Relevant theory is easy to locate via the site. You can practise the exercises in any order and repeat them as often as you like. Your ‘scores’ are carefully kept, and previously made exercises can be viewed at the click of a mouse button. You can spend as much time as you like – five minutes or hours at a time. Recommended!

noavatar_80x80-8ca3dd6 Music Theory and Note Reading -
Irene van Diep

The ear training exercises here is of utmost importance for me as they teach me how to acquire an impression of how a melody should (approximately) sound by looking at the notation, before I play the melody on my clarinet.

noavatar_80x80-8ca3dd6 Music Theory and Note Reading -
Fried van Gool

Incredible music theory Website!

This website is incredible, it is absolutely complete, i have done the free trial and i am exploring the contents, it has everything, i can't believe it. I hope this becomes the most popular website for music theory.

Music theory websites because this one has theory, practice and ear training....all in one.....i am so excited, now regarding the prices: great price! So you want to make it affordable for everyone, thanks for what you are doing....all in one website: theory, harmony, exercises, ear training for 19 euro? This is awesome, You are awesome....i have seen things that you can't imagine.....27 for month, thanks for keeping the price so low!

noavatar_80x80-8ca3dd6 Music Theory and Note Reading -
Thor Lowell

For an absolute-beginner piano student, this site provides a perfect all-in-one lesson location. Music theory, learning to read notes (through exercises), the relationship between theory and music – it’s all here. I love the video clips; they make what seems to me sometimes abstract theory, much clearer. So: take out a subscription, everyone!

noavatar_80x80-8ca3dd6 Music Theory and Note Reading -
Petra Wouters