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Note Reading and Music Theory 2.0
In the past six months I have taken a lot of effort to implement a large number of innovations and improvements at, all of which have now been completed.

I proudly present 2.0!

What has been renewed and improved?

  • Note Reading: improved accessibility and the ability to keep track of your progress.
  • Music Theory page: music theory can now be accessed via an overview page, instead of via individual items in the menu.
  • Exercise page: the exercises can now be accessed via an overview page, instead of via individual items in the menu.
  • Improved accessibility: the theory is now classified per level instead of per subject.
  • Learning Path: with the Learning Path you can learn Music Theory through an optimal step-by-step order.
  • Tracking progress: with each chapter it is possible to keep track of your progress with a progress button.
  • Documentation: updated and improved documentation.
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It is possible to delete personal data and account details. is finished and online, after 10 month of translating, building and testing.

For the translation I had the fantastic help of Christina Viola Oorebeek, an American-Dutch composer.
Making was only possible because of her help, so I would thank Christina for doing this huge amount of work.

A short overview of what has been done: the translation of 289 chapters, 123 videos, 261 exercises and many images.

May I invite you to take a look and to sign up for a free trial if you like.

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Finished English translation of all text

Finally I finished translating all text on

Also, I almost finished checking all pages and exercises on Things I have to check are all links to chapters and exercises, the lightboxes with images and text, all exercises, bookmarks and much more.

And I made some improvements. For example I improved the exercises result scale.

I celebrate the official opening of on 1st July 2017!