Music Teacher Account

Possibilities for music teachers

  • Supervise your students: with a teacher account it is possible to view the exercises and results of exercises of all your students.
  • Possibility to try for free.
  • Own free teacher account when used for students.
  • 20% discount for students.

Are you a music teacher and do you want to try MusicTheory.Education?
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I have used the website for my pupils since early 2014. Everything that you could possibly need is there: from ear training and note-reading exercises to interval, chord and scale exercises. It is totally complete, clear and well-constructed. The advancements in my pupils’ aural and note-reading skills are impressive. This is how easy note-reading can be! If only I had had such a tool to practise and understand music theory during my time at music college in the 1980s. What an innovation. Heartily recommended!